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Verve Early Childhood Consulting!

verve /vûrv/


  1. vigor and spirit or enthusiasm.
  2. vivaciousness; liveliness; animation.

“I like a teacher with plenty of verve!”

Verve Early Childhood Consulting’s mission is to build responsible leaders and high quality educational opportunities around the world. Established in 2013, Verve ECC has proven its commitment by walking alongside hundreds  of new teachers, leaders, and visionaries of early childhood programs. 

The African proverb of “It takes a village to raise a child” is at the heart of our vision and embodies Verve’s commitment to building responsive, responsible, and innovative educators, while also supporting parents in having the tools and community resources to raise resilient, kind, and accepting children.

In this work, Verve ECC recognizes the impact leaders inside and outside the classroom have on the contributions to their communities. We have collaborated with leaders all over the world in building equitable access to quality early childhood education programs. 

Our business model is one of teamwork and connection that uses a multi-dimensional approach. Just as students need differentiation to accommodate preferred learning modalities and strength-based goal setting so do teachers, leaders, parents, and community advocates.

Verve often collaborates with other agencies to be sure that the fullest impact on positive student outcomes are attained. Past collaborations have included social workers, preschool intervention teams, special education providers, behavior specialists, and community outreach groups. 

We tailor our packages to meet the needs of each client and are committed to the successful outcomes that working with VERVE brings to educational communities.

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