Early Childhood Consulting Services

Verve Early Childhood Consulting LLC is passionate about building successful early childhood teams. Our mission is to support and help create high quality early childhood programs through professional development, teacher coaching and preschool grant funding.  We tailor to the needs of each client and can include one or all of the services offered below. Please click on the "Request More Info" button discuss the unique needs of your early childhood team.

Early Childhood Site Visit


Early Childhood Site Visits help programs assess current programming in preparation for implementation of state funded preschool programs with mandated criteria, ECERS-R assessments and preparation for NAEYC accreditation.  These visits last up to 3 hours and give a detailed view of your programs strengths and areas that need focus.


These site visits also help new start up programs assess current physical space for licensing compliance, start up materials needed, as well as, mandatory certification requirements.

Teacher Coaching/Professional Development


Teacher Coaching is one on one goal oriented support for teachers. Some examples from past coaching sessions include how to collect data and ancedotal notes, authentic  assessment, aligning lessons to the core curriculm standards, differentiate learning instruction, classroom management, and interactive math and literacy.


Professional Develpment for teachers can include half day or full day workshops and are tailored to the needs of the schools. Certicates of attendance are provided for all attendees.


Administrator Supports/Team Building


The world of preschool is often a very different education philospohy than most adminstartors have experience in. Administrator Supports/Team Building is specially designed for a complete understanding of all the main components that make up high quality programming, what a day in preschool should look like, how to support your teachers and create an early childhood team that spans grade levels. These training sessions are highly recommended for programs applying for state preschool funding/grants.





Grant Writing/Proposals


The maze of applying for grants and RFPs can be hard to navigate. Successful proposals take a thorough understanding of the criteria and an eye for detail in which many administrators don't have enough time. Our Grant Writing/Proposals team assists schools in a project manager approach, making sure all documents are provided, checked for accuracy and compliance, are professionally organized and bound, and meet the deadlines. We specialize in preschool early childhood funding.